Planners Network at UIUC (PN)

Planners Network at UIUC (PN)

The Planners Network at UIUC is an organization of students, faculty, professionals and other activist planners involved in community development for social justice.

PN General Meetings are held every other week throughout the fall and spring semesters. Please contact Devin Day This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about upcoming meetings. Also see our Facebook page.

Please check out our latest 2015 newsletter.


What it is:

The Planners Network is a 30-year-old association of professionals, activists, academics, and students involved in physical, social, economic, and environmental planning in urban and rural areas, who promote fundamental change in our political and economic systems.

Who we are:

Interested students enrolled in Urban Planning classes at UIUC, from undergraduates up to PhDs, who care about social justice, equity issues, critical planning, and want to get involved in local community issues and campaigns.


Planners’ Network Working Groups:

Bristol Place: The City of Champaign recently approved a plan to demolish this low-income neighborhood and redevelop it under eminent domain. Currently, residents are in the process of being forced to move, and PN wants to focus student engagement efforts this semester towards supporting mobility choices of current residents by better understanding the supply of affordable housing in Champaign and Urbana.

CU Citizens Criminal Justice Watchdog Group: After briefly stopping a new local jail being built last year (a decision that was reversed this summer), we are working to continue to help monitor the population demographics in the existing two jails as a way to hold the County Board accountable to their social service budgetary decisions last year.

We are providing monthly snap-shots of the current jail population including race, gender and charges to the Champaign County Board. Current concerns surround racial inequity in jailed population, lack of mental health provision, comprehensive pre-trial services, and militarization of police (new MRAP tank). Student engagement would involve attending Champaign County Board meetings, volunteer group meetings, and any research/action items assigned as part of that involvement (TBD).

CU Immigration Forum:

The Champaign-Urbana Immigration Forum is a group of immigrants, students, clergy, service providers, labor union representatives, residents and community organizations concerned about the progress and plight of immigrants in the Champaign County community (Central Illinois).

The C-U Immigration Forum meets regularly (on the second Tuesday of each month) to discuss immigration-related issues and events in our community and works to:

·celebrate the diversity and culture that immigrants contribute to our community;

·educate the public about issues that affect local immigrant communities;

·advocate for the rights of immigrants and encourage their full participation in civic, cultural, social and political life in our community; and

·promote permanent and positive changes that will improve the quality of life for immigrants in our community

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