Lynne M. Dearborn

Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning

PhD, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Temple Buell Hall 611 Taft Drive
Champaign IL 61820

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Phone: 217.333.4331

Professor Lynne Dearborn's research focuses on the mutual interaction of people and their environments, particularly the relationship between residential environments and cultural change. She studies the Hmong of SE Asia and Hmong immigrants in the US, African Americans in inner-city neighborhoods, and Native Americans. She is heavily involved in FAA's Illinois Action Research. Her work and courses address issues of social justice, equity among minority peoples, engaging physical, social, economic and political aspects of the environment to address human health and wellbeing as well as the preservation fo cultural heritage.

Ongoing Research Projects

Her research focuses on the mutual interaction of people and their environments, particularly the relationship between residential environments and cultural change. 

Selected Publications

Dearborn, L., "Immigrant Homeowners: Residential Choices of Low-/Moderate-Income Hmong in Milwaukee 's Central City," Submitted to Journal of Architectural and Planning Research as part of a special issue on immigrants and their residential environments (under editorial review).

Dearborn , L., 2005. Book Review, "The Dignity of Resistance: Women Resident Activism in Chicago Public Housing," by Roberta M. Feldman and Susan Stall. Journal of Planning Literature, Vol. 19(4): 457-58.

Dearborn, L., 2005. Book Review, "Securing the Spectacular City : the politics of revitalization and Homelessness in downtown Seattle ," by Timothy A. Gibson. H-Net Reviews (Humanities and Social Sciences OnLine).

Dearborn , L. & K. Rodenkirch, 2005. "Service-Research Relationships in the Study of Unethical Lending and Construction Practices," HUD-Community Outreach Partnerships Conference, Chicago , Illinois.

Dearborn, L., 2004. "Fighting the Inertia of the Status Quo," presented at the Site::Offsite, Architecture and the Factory-Built House , conference at the University of Texas at Austin , School of Architecture.

Dearborn, L., 2004. "Community Planning in Native American Communities," presented at the Maine Indian Housing Summit for leaders of Eastern Woodland Tribes, Bar Harbor , Maine.

Dearborn , L., 2004. "Building and Sustaining Partnerships between University and Community," invited to present at the Univer-cities and the Knowledge Economy conference sponsored by the British Urban Regeneration Association, London , UK.

Dearborn, L., 2004. "Envisioning the Future in the South End Neighborhood: Work from an Interdisciplinary Studio," presented at the s pecial focus session on AIA Education Honor Awards , 92 nd ACSA Annual Meeting, Miami, FL.

Dearborn, L., 2004. "Integrating Social Justice Issues in Architectural Design Studio," jointly presented with the nine other awardees at the special focus session on Architecture for Social Justice Awards, Partnerships in Teaching , 92nd ACSA Annual Meeting, Miami , FL.

Dearborn, L., 2003. "Socially Sustainable Development Practices," presented at the Symposium on Sustainable Building Practices . Jointly sponsored by the City of Urbana and the Illinois Permaculture Society, Urbana , Illinois.

Dearborn, L., 2003. "Predatory Lending in Minority Communities," presented a training seminar for HUD's Office of Native American Programs staff, Chicago , Illinois.

Dearborn, L., 2003. "Predatory Lending in St. Clair County," presented at the Symposium on Lending in Minority Communities . Jointly sponsored by Federal Reserve of St. Louis, Missouri and Land of Lincoln Legal Foundation , Fairview Heights , Illinois.

Dearborn, L., 2003. " Building and Sustaining Development Partnerships in East St. Louis : The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's East St. Louis Action Research Project, " presented at the International Economic Development Council's Annual Congress , Montreal , PQ , Canada.

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