Dan McMillen

Professor of Economics

PhD, Northwestern University 1987

Institute of Government and Public Affairs 1001 West Nevada Street
Urbana IL 61801

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Phone: 217.333.7471

Daniel McMillen holds joint faculty appointments in the Department of Economics, the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, and the Institute of Government and Public Affairs. He also is a visiting fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and a consultant at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. He served as the Director of the Center for Urban Real Estate at the University of Illinois at Chicago from 1999-2005, and has been a member of the economics departments at the University of Oregon, Santa Clara University, Tulane University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. McMillen received his Ph.D. in Economics from Northwestern University in 1987. His publications have appeared in such academic journals as the Journal of Urban Economics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, the Review of Economics and Statistics, Real Estate Economics, and the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics. He has been co-editor of Regional Science and Urban Economics Msince 2007. He also serves on the editorial boards of other leading journals in urban economics and real estate, and is on the Board of Directors of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association.

Ongoing Research Projects

Urban economics and applied econometrics.

Selected Publications

McMillen, D. Forthcoming. “Changes in the Distribution of House Prices over Time: Structural Characteristics, Neighborhood, or Coefficients,” Journal of Urban Economics.

McMillen, D. Forthcoming. “Clustering of Auto Supplier Plants in the U.S.: GMM Spatial Logit for Large Samples,” Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, with Thomas Klier.

McMillen, D. 2008. "Land Values and the 1957 Comprehensive Amendment to the Chicago Zoning Ordinance," Urban Studies 45:8, 1647-1661, with John F. McDonald and Jian Zhou.

McMillen, D. 2008. “Estimating Time, Age, and Vintage Effects in Housing Prices,” Journal of Housing Economics 17, 138-151, with N. Edward Coulson.

McMillen, D. 2008. “Evolving Agglomeration in the U.S. Auto Industry,” Journal of Regional Science 48, 245-267, with Thomas Klier.

McMillen, D. 2008. “Commercial Lending Distance and Historically Underserved Areas,” Journal of Economics and Business 60, 149-164, with Robert DeYoung, W. Scott Frame, Dennis Glennon, and Peter Nigro.

McMillen, D. 2007. “Spatial Competition and the Price of College,” Economic Inquiry 45, 817-833, with Larry D. Singell, Jr. and Glen Waddell.

McMillen, D. 2007. “The Dynamics of Intra-Urban Quantile House Price Indexes,” Urban Studies 44, 1517-1537, with N. Edward Coulson.

McMillen, D. 2007. “A Mismatch Made in Heaven: A Hedonic Analysis of Overeducation and Undereducation," Southern Economic Journal , 901-930, with Paul T. Seaman and Larry D. Singell, Jr. (Georgescu-Roegen Prize for best paper of 2007).

McMillen, D. 2007. “Teardowns and Land Values in the Chicago Metropolitan Area,” Journal of Urban Economics 61 45-64, with Richard F. Dye.

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